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How many times have you enlisted a company or service provider and it’s felt more like a blind-date than an informed decision? You hold your breath and hope, with nothing to go on but their word or, if you’re lucky, a testimonial or two on their website (which was probably written by the service provider’s mom). Sometimes they deliver. Often they don’t. And you’re left paying the bill for a bad job.

At Supplier Swop, we take the uncertainty out of the equation. We enable you to harness the power of South Africa’s first crowd-sourced service review site to access a user-community of people just like you. People who have tried and tested these services and rated their experiences on our site, so you always get the right person for the job.

When you renovate your kitchen, enlist the services of a graphic designer, hire a plumber or visit a hairdresser, you have a fundamental right to share that client-experience with others. We list reviews and recommendations for virtually every industry you can think of, from moving companies to caterers, landscapers to locksmiths, life coaches to sports coaches, beauticians to electricians. The Supplier Swop community shares a wealth of valuable experience that helps thousands of monthly users make informed choices.

Supplier Swop ensures the good get their name out there and the bad have nowhere to hide!.

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As a business owner or supplier, you can benefit from listing your services with Supplier Swop by directly marketing to your target audience.

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