I have a business, how do I register?

    • Go to “Sign up and be found” on the homepage
    • Follow the prompts and in 5 minutes you will be a registered “Supplier Swop”

    As an owner or manager how would you deal with a negative review that is posted

    • Great question! A management response to a review is a good way to share your perspective with clients that may not be satisfied
    • Here are a few suggestions of what to include:
      • Thank your client for taking the time to provide feedback
      • Highlight the positives and mention any upgrades or improvements that might interest the client and hopefully future clientele
      • Address any specific complaints and explain what you have done to address them
      • Be polite and professional

    What are the costs to register my business on the site?

    • The first 3 months are free
    • The aim is for you to get as many positive reviews as you can, you need to request your customers rate you to build up a strong profile which will enable you to grow your business by word of mouth
    • After 3 months you will be charged R249 a month which will allow you to have strong internet presence, grow your customer base and hopefully become a super supplier

    How do I cancel my subscription to Supplier swop?

    • We hope we are able to assist you to grow your business but if you are not happy for any reason and would like to cancel your subscription then send an email to admin@supplierswop.co.za and we will assist you with one calendar months’ notice

    Are you going to allow suppliers to advertise on your website i.e. not as subscribers but as advertisers

    • At the moment we have suppliers promoting their services and no advertisers, this may change in the future but we want to focus on our suppliers building up their ratings

    I already advertise on google and facebook and I have my own website, why should I advertise on your website

    • There is no better advertising than word of mouth from satisfied customers. Social Proofing, also known as informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behaviour for a given situation

    Can I promote my website and social media links on my registration form?

    • Sure you can, the more exposure you get the better. Our aim is for you to use our platform for your clients to “formally” rate your services and assist you to grow your business by word of mouth


    Do I have to pay to use the service?

    • It is FREE!!!!

    I currently use Supplier Swop on Facebook, will this be changing?

    • You can still use the Facebook page but the website is more comprehensive and is simpler to use

    How do I recommend a supplier?

    • Go to search suppliers, find the supplier you are looking for and rate them

    Looking for a type of supplier that’s not listed, what do I do?

    Can I edit a review I published?

    • No, once it has been submitted it cannot be changed

    What if I know a great supplier and they not on the site

    How do I know that the people rating are genuine rater/s

    • Each user that rates a supplier is recorded in the system and their email address can only be used once per supplier in a 3 month period